I need a digital menu that is easy to update when I need it.

No problem, you will have it!
We will create a web page that is required zero maintenance from you.

I need to accept online payments on my current business account.

Easy. In our system customers will pay directly to your bank account a full order amount.

I am a hardworking business owner and can’t pay a lot for the service.

We designed and developed our own digital product with minimal development costs so we are able to offer you the lowest commission rates on the market.

I am looking for ways to improve my delivery service and cut expenses.

Sure! Our special software will distribute orders among local drivers.
You can have your own drivers or rely on ours.


I want to pay less for my food and delivery!

Having the lowest commission fees we let you to pay less for orders while restaurants receive higher profits!

I would like to support local businesses and know whom am I paying to.

Your full payment instantly goes directly to the restaurant’s bank account. Our technology aims to support small local businesses.

I am concerned about my privacy and want to keep my personal information away from third parties.

The main reason Megapay app was created is to enable secure, fast and easy payment solution for customers. Shop with confidence any time you see that seller uses MegaPay. We don’t have registration on our platform, the encrypted profile is stored on your device only.


Security is a cornerstone of a successful payment processing.
MegaPayPro provides security meeting international standards.
When you use MegaPayPro for card transactions payment information goes directly to the bank. We don’t have registration on our platform, the encrypted profile is stored only on customer’s mobile device.


  • Our goal is to help small businesses to access the advanced digital platform that can help them to compete on equal terms against large food networks, who invested in their own ordering software.
  • With our solution your business could stay independent from global delivery platforms that generally eat all your margins.
  • Our team focuses on your profitability by supporting efficient and secure transactions between you and your clients.


Our Australian company has been established in 2013. We used to work with large and complex systems in software development and telecommunication companies. With family restaurants and small independent shops in mind our team has invested all their intellectual power and experience to build a scalable and reliable payment, ordering and delivery system.